Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Celebrating Velly's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Velly! Wish you all the best, all success and God bless you!

Yesterday, or the day before yesterday, Sally texted me and told me that she has a plan on doing a surprise for Velly. I, as a person who loves to surprise people, agreed to join in the fun. I asked Icha and Angel to participate, but unfortunately Angel couldn't make it. So it left Sally, Icha and I who would surprise Velly on her birthday!

The day started when Sally and Icha came by to my house this morning. It was 10AM and we were ready to go to school to check up our semester exam scores and go to Holland Bakery to buy some cakes, yet we ended up spending the next couple of hours in front of the laptop, struggling to buy tickets for Super Show 3. Unfortunately, our struggle was to no avail. We didn't get any ticket because there were some problems with the data we put in. No matter! If December 6 wasn't our day, then maybe December 9 will be our ultimate day!

Approximately at 12 o'clock we hopped in to Icha's car and went to Holland Bakery to buy Velly's birthday cake. She doesn't like chocolate, so we decided to buy a mini lemon cake, with edible printed Disney characters picture on it. After we bought the cake, we continued our journey to our beloved Global Prestasi School. Me and Sally had to give a donation for the school's christmas celebration so we met our homeroom teachers and gave the money. I had to check up on my religion exam scores, but there was no scores on the announcement board. I went to the teacher and asked whether I passed my exam or not, and guess what he said..... "You failed on your exam! But if you help decorating the hall for Christmas Celebration, you will pass your exam.." Failed my exam my foot!

After spending some time at school, we went to Icha's house for a minute to get her iPhone's charger, then we went to Velly's house. We didn't expect her to be home at that time! Suddenly, maybe she heard some familiar noises outside her house, Velly went out and searched for us. We panicked! Me and Sally went to the nearby traditional mini shop to take care of the cake and Icha distracted Velly's attention. It took me and Sally 10 minutes to get ready. Icha went out of the house and came to us. "Are we ready?" asked her. We were, so we walked slowly (to prevent the fire on the candle from burning out) and when we entered Velly's house, Icha called her out and..... "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VELLY!" She had that "OMG!" look on her face and all of us were excited.

She blows the candle and we congratulate her for turning 16. And then we pretty much had fun for the rest of the day~

We ordered some food from KFC, such as fried chickens, puddings, twister, colonel yakiniku and a can of pepsi, and it was all on Velly! Woohoo, free food! We also watched some movies at Velly's parents' room, such as Case 39, Titanic 2, Eclipse and Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Well actually it was only me and Icha who watched the movie, since Sally and Velly couldn't handle horror or thriller movie. They were busy catching up on the Guguma Couple, Yonghwa and Seohyun. And then we took a lot of photos on Sally's new iPod touch! Click click click click click~ Sally's Pudding Camera application deserve a two thumbs up from me for its' cool photo effects! Not long after that, me and Sally went home because Pak Ojeg was there to pick us up. Velly continued celebrating her birthday with Icha. I heard that they were having noodles for dinner.

It was raining when I arrived at home and I was in the mood to enjoy the rain. So I went out to the garden, took the umbrella, took my cellphone and captured some moment. It was cold outside and I was still wearing my school uniform. "Get inside the house," said Mom, but I ignored her since I was busy doing my stuff under the rain (literary under the umbrella).

Nice, huh? I love taking pictures of raindrops.

Well, that's pretty much what was going on today! Today was fun and I had tons of it! It's 9.30PM and, somehow, I feel like going to sleep. Enjoy your holiday, guys, and have a nice sleep! Goodnight~

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Visit to the Planetarium

"You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course. Stick to it, no matter the squalls! And when the time comes you get the chance to really test the cut of your sails, and show what you're made of! Well, I hope I'm there, catching some of the light coming off you that day"

That is one inspiring speech, isn't it? It was told by Silver the Cyborg, the protagonist-antagonist character from "Treasure Planet". This movie came out on 2002 and I love it since then. The creator of this movie deserves a two thumbs up and a round of applause from me because of his amazing story lines and drawing. I just love how he pictured the space! Such a colorful, and mesmerizing and beautiful outer space~

Talking about the outer space, guess what? I went to the Planetarium last Saturday! Yes, I did and it was fun! Despite the long wait and the annoying little kids, I had a good time at the Planetarium.

I woke up in the morning feeling ready and excited. I quickly grabbed my towel and had a quick shower, most likely for 10 minutes. Mom didn't prepare any sandwich, so I took a couple of banana, a couple of mini-pie, a bottle of water and put them in my bag. "I think that should do it," I said. 30 minutes later the taxi came and I said goodbye to Mom - I certainly didn't forget to ask for pocket money from her, but since she had not dropped by at any ATM I had to use my own money.

I was kind of nervous to ride a taxi alone and went somewhere I've never visit before, but then this thought of me and my blood type popped up in my mind. "Dude, you're a B-type! B-type doesn't worry about stuff," so I shoved away the nervousness and had a chat with Icha via cellphone.

It took me an hour to go to Taman Ismail Marzuki and when I arrived I immediately skipped to the Planetarium. When I entered the building, the first word that popped up in my mind was, "HOLY SHISUS, WHAT THE HELL WITH THIS LINE?" Dozens of people were queuing for tickets and I had to wait for hours. I arrived at 9AM and finally got the ticket at 12 PM, for the show which was showing at 1PM. Finally, at last, I got the ticket to watch the man-made stars.

It was so awesome I could die!
It was really really dark at the beginning of the show, and then little sparkling lights started to show up. It was the stars. The stars were shining and sparkling and moving as if the earth was moving. The audience got to sit on this comfy chair that allowed you to stretch your back and see the show like as if you were lying down on a comfy and soft grass. "Here, you can see the view of the night time in Jakarta," said the narrator. It was really beautiful and I realized that my eyes were teary.

The show was about a couple of hours long and I didn't feel sleepy for a minute, despite the darkness. There was this scene from the show, where we the stars were moving so fast, as if we were riding a rocket and have a sightseeing. It felt like as if you were reading a roller coaster and we got to scream in happiness. I was like, "Oh wow, woohoo, yaaay, weeeee, I'm an astronaut!" Now you know that I'm 16 on the outside, but 4 on the inside.

After the show finished, I visited this unknown bookstore which was located behind the Planetarium. It was called "Galeri Buku Bengkel Deklamasi" which literary means "Declamation Workshop's Book Gallery" more or less. There were so many old books in there and I was fascinated by the book mountain. I was going to buy a book, but I had a hard time choosing the right one because I'm a type of person who give interest on the thing that suddenly catch my attention. I spent a lot of time gazing the dusty books until I finally found this book named "Kadarwati: Wanita dengan Lima Nama" (Kadarwati: The Girl who has Five Names). It's an interesting book which tells a story about this girl named Kadarwati, back in the reformation era in Indonesia. So I bought the book for Rp16.000,00, alias 1,6 US $ (pretty cheap, huh?). It was raining and I didn't bring any hat or umbrella, so I decided to drop by at the gallery exhibition beside the bookstore until it stops raining.

At that time, Icha was busy having fun with the exchange students from Japan, Laos, Vietnam and other South East Asia countries. So, there was this program called SSEAY and a couple of the participants stayed at Icha's house, they were Euy Manoly from Laos and Kaori from Japan. That day, the school held this sightseeing program for the participants. They went to TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) to enjoy some traditional entertainment from Indonesia.

The next thing I know is that I was inside Icha's car, with his driver, and we were heading to JHCC to meet Icha and the others. To make it short, we had dinner at this local rumah makan and we continued our journey to the traditional art exhibition at JHCC. There were lots of beautiful batik dresses and rotan bags, not to mention a lot of tasty traditional food also. While the others were busy buying clothes, bags, shoes and aroma therapy, I was busy buying food and drink and eat them right away before they could ask me to share.

I bought this apple chips for Rp20.000,00, alias 2 US $, and I loved it! I love apples, so why wouldn't I love apple chips also?

We went home at 8PM and Icha was very kind to gave me a ride back home. We chatted and laughed and did silly stuff at the car, which made Euy Manoly and Kaori amused. We were talking about horror movie and all of the sudden Icha screamed because she was imagining the ghost and Euy Manoly bursted out laughter because of the sudden shriek.

It was a fun and tiring night. When I arrived at home, I immediately took a bath and went to bed. I was satisfied. Satisfied that I finally visited the Planetarium and satisfied that I ate plenty of food. It was awesome~

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shooting Stars

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Feeling Kinda Blue

Good evening, my everything~

The rain just stopped and I'm at my room, listening to Shaman King OST and writing random stuff at my blog. I just feel like posting something~

I took this photo half an hour ago, when it was still raining hard. I just went home after a couple hours of extra curricular then I immediately grab my Sony Ericsson - Cyber Shot cell phone and went to the backyard to do a quick photo shoot. The photos turn out nice, even though I'm not that good in editing the photo.. I'm still bad in editing the color, especially the hue saturation, the contrast, the gradient, the black and white color mode and pretty much everything. I kinda like this type of photos... is it included in macro photography? Mom and Dad are street-photography worshipers, but I'm not really into street-photography. It's nice to take pictures of a person with blurred cars and motorcycles for the background, but I'm just not that into it.. Sorry, Mom and Dad, your daughter has different type and style of photography~

Do you feel this gray aura when you read this posting? If you do, it's because my aura is dark and gray when I write this. I don't know... I'm feeling kinda blue. I've been listening to NEWS's "Ai Nante" over and over for the past 5 minutes (I decided to change the song to Shaman King OST so that I won't feel that blue anymore, but it doesn't work)

Have you ever listen to NEWS's "Ai Nante"? It's a nice song, especially when you're feeling kind of down because of love and heartbreak. Just read and understand the lyrics, it'll make you say "Oh my gosh, this is so me!" or "Man, this is how I feel right now.." Here's a cut of the translation of the lyrics

Although I love you, love is impossible.
What is the future?
Without you I can’t imagine it. Without you I don’t need it.

Nice, huh?
Try listen to the song if you have time~

Tomorrow is Tuesday and, Thank God, I don't have any homework or assignment to do. School is such a chaos like always, but I have my friends with me, therefore it's not that chaotic anymore! As long as I'm with them, I'll survive!

Thank goodness tomorrow's lesson is not as tiring as Wednesday's lesson. We only have Math, English, ICT, Religion and Indonesian lesson on Tuesday, while on Wednesday we'll have Physics, Civics, Math, TOEFL, Mandarin, Chemistry, History and English lesson. Wednesday sucks, huh?

Hmm... I don't know what else to say? I kind of run out of ideas and topic.. I think I'll stop my rant here. I'll post again soon and it'll be about my "Live In" program! Let me tell you something... living in the village is not that bad, it's actually fun, entertaining and exciting! I'll tell you everything on the next posting!

Okay then, I'll sign out in a minute~
Thanks for spending some time reading my oh-so-important posting~
I hope you have a great night, great morning and great day!
Annyeong, goodbye, adios!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Photobooth Fever

Happy weekend, everybody!
After two weeks of nonstop tests, assignment and homework, I finally have the time to rest and catch up on my fandom! Woohoo~

So, any plans for the weekend?
Mine are just to sleep, to eat, to surf the internet, to read Junjou Romantica on Manga Fox, to eat again and to sleep again~ Nice, huh? This week is going to be peaceful. Not to mention I'm going to Jogja, as a part of my school's program, on Monday! Which means..... another week of playing, resting, working and having fun!

This program is called "Live In" and we're supposed to stay over at the local people's place and learn to live casually. Sure it'll be hard, since me and my friends are going to blend in with the local people - which means taking shower at the river, having rice and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ploughing the field barefooted, planting rice plant, taking care of the buffalos and teaching the local students in school - but that's all right! As long as I don't have to do any Math and Physics problems, I will survive!

This coming soon "Live In" program, somehow, excites me... it's kind of similar with KBS World's "Invincible Youth", starring BEG's Narsha, SNSD's Yuri and Sunny, KARA's Hara, T-ara's Hyomin, SECRET's Seonhwa, After School's Jooyeon, Sori, 4Minute's Hyuna, Taewu Bear, Joohyun and Shinyoung (all of them are Korean idols). They plough the field, they plant rice plant, they play with dirt and they leave their glamorous idol life to blend in with the local Korean people, which make it pretty similar with the "Live In" program. Exciting? Absolutely!

It's kind of exciting because I finally can get away from school-related stuff for a week. Yes, I'll still meet the teachers since they're joining the program also, but this time they won't be giving us assignment to do or homework to finish... The past two weeks was hectic. I was tired and kind of stressed out. I had a lot a work to do, from studying about bones and taking photos for my English extra curricular. I sighed a lot, for sure. But, thank God I have my best friends and XI Science 2 with me! Without them, my days in Global "Delightful" Prestasi School will probably be dark and gloomy. Accompanied by their jokes, stories and pranks I giggled and laughed and had fun. Not to mention, XI Science 2's Photobooth Fever never fails to make me LOL! I mean, will you look at our faces? Hideous? Funny? Laughable? Lovable? Ugly? Terrifying? OMG? LOL? You got that right!

Friends are lovable and you can never ever have enough friends! Keep searching for one, then your days will be full of love and laughter!

* Photos were taken by my classmates, Christy and Efata

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jak-Japan Matsuri 2010

Today, October 3rd 2010, is the last day of the Jakarta Japan Festival and, thank God, me and Icha managed to get ourselves to the festival! We had sooooooooooooo much fun there! I bought myself a matsuri yukata (a traditional clothes which Japanese people wear during a festival) and lots of tasty cuisine, while Icha bought a couple of clothes and a koinobori (a traditional wind socks from Japan).

I managed to make some of my God-knows-how-many dreams come true, which are:
1. To eat Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped snack, with red beans filling)
2. To eat Takoyaki (octopus balls)
3. To eat Dango (Japanese dumplings made out of rice flour)

You see, I've been wanting to taste Taiyaki since.... ages ago, and finally I tasted one today! Oh my God, it was so good~ Technically it's just a mixed of fried flour, eggs, sugar and red beans, but it's worth a try! I even can still taste the crispy texture of the dough and the red beans in my mouth~ It feels like heaven on earth~

The Takoyaki was off the hook and it was Okiroboxs'!
A friend of mine told me to try Okirobox's food, so I did! Luckily, they sell octopus balls, so I bought a portion for myself (even if the price doesn't make any sense). The moment after I chew, I flew to the moon~ IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! The katsuobushi was crunchy and salty and tasty, the mayonnaise and the okonomiyaki sauce made a great combination and the surprising octopus tentacles inside the balls was wow! Believe me, it was THAT good!

Today was the first time I ate dango and it was nice~ It tasted similar like ketan uli (a traditional snack from Indonesia, which is made out of rice flour), but I eat it with sweet sauce. The people who sell the dango grilled it for a moment before they pour it with the sweet sauce. It was good at first, but if you eat it too much, you'll feel sick. Fortunately, I managed to finish all of them... I don't wanna waste Rp20.000,00 for nothing!

I had a ringo ame (apple covered caramel candy) and I took my hours to finish it. The thing with apple covered caramel candy is that you have to finish the outer part of the candy before you eat the inner part of the candy, and finishing the outer part was hard and tiring.. I had to bite and lick and bite and lick on the caramel, and then I can bite on the apple! It was tiring, but it tasted good and sweet~

Last but not least, I ate Yoshinoya's beef bowl! A friend of mine, who works at Yoshinoya, told me that they have the best beef bowl because they are using American beef, so I decided to try some today. So, guess what? My friend didn't lie... It is good! The meat is long and salty and fatty and tasty~ I ate it with some chilly pepper and it tasted even better! Man, Yoshinoya's beef bowl is now in my great-food list!

We had so much fun at the festival, not to mention I got myself a matching matsuri yukata with Icha. She bought the blue one and I bought the red one. She also bought a sparkling blue yukata, which cost a lot and looked good on her! She was so happy and excited that she got herself a couple of yukata! I didn't get myself a sparkling yukata because I didn't have enough money.. I'll just buy a set of kimono next year, nyahahaha!

I definitely won't miss next year's festival! Next time, I'll go home late so that I can watch the fireworks and I'll bring much more money so that I can try the food which I didn't try today~ Don't you think it's fun being me? Hell yeah it's fun! If you were me, you can eat so many food without caring about your body weight~